Is your CEO fucking up your company and sending it down the toilet with your stock value. Hire a turn around CEO, its showbusiness not show friends.

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UnFucking your company

Is your CEO fucking up your company and sending it down the toilet with your stock value. Hire a turn around CEO, its showbusiness not show friends. Let my Billionaire connections unfuck your company. I know how to keep it simple, is about making money. Its about people making money. Its about shareholders making money. Its about our products and services beings so mega awesome, it makes making money so easy we have to diversify to hide the piles of money, then we get stuck in a trap of constant acquisitions with the billions I brought to the company, I’m Wayne Lambright, make me your CEO and I’ll bring you Billions. Remember, its about the money.  I’m here to sell something and not be fucking the dog.

If you want me to be CEO and quit saying the word Fuck, NO.  that is the reason why you suck.  Even General Electric could double their profits if it quit one thing.  Being complacent.  I shake the tree.  If you don’t want the tree shaken and giving you the fruit, hire the status status quoe CEO square peg for square hole.

If its broken I can fix it.

if its working I can break it and fix it and then double your revenue.

Shareholders is a coward running your investment into the soil?

Employees looking to work with leadership of cowards or do you want a chance at maybe more?  Quit your job, come work with me.

Tired of giving a fuck and making no money.  Me too.  Tired of letting the bullies win.  Me too.  Tired of having a great products with a coward leadership. Me too.  Lets use wisdom of crowds”employees” and good old fashion leadership and sweat to turn your company around.  When you’re company is ready to grow and profit, hire Wayne Lambright. I work on commission like any CEO.  (707) 604 7672<— thats a telephone landline, fucking always works 100% clear signal.  If I don’t pick up, I’m sleeping or talking to another person, leave a message and I’ll call you back, if I have not called you back it means I have died.

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How to get rich with Nick Denton, genius or criminal mastermind


Evidently there is some war going on with Nick Denton.  I started following Nick Denton since 2003, whenever the start of valleywag happened.  I had never seen people write such filth and what to me seemed like clearly breaking the law.  I wanted to learn who was running the sites and found him.  He’s a genius and is a self made media mogul, every how to get rich dream.

Below is some mega deep research into how he gets away with it and you can too, probably for at least two more years before the big elephant called internet greed will move and put a stop to it, by calling it something new and resetting the clock.

Do you get your financial and social advice from weekly discounted newspapers at the grocery store with aliens from mars and bigfoot stories.  No, so why then do people visit his sites.  He’s a liar.  He’s the guy who tells them how to do it.  Yes I’m sure he’s built in legal plausible deniability.  Who cares.  Reverse engineer how he does it and profit.

I’m available to help you profit by installing and build copycat systems, but as most of you know its all open source and its a symphony of systems.  Don’t re-invent the wheel, call me. 707 604 7672

This one man was bringing in over 100 million in ad revenue, might be more.  It appears this is how he applies his craft.

Below from /pol/

>ShirtStorm, Strayan media BTFO, Jimmy Wales butthurtan, Femistasi spaghetti, OY VEY!
GAWKER MEDIA is bleeding shekels, especially with that minimum buy-in of $25,000 to advertise.
Concerned mothers using this form to report objectionable content when seeing Google Adsense on inappropriate page:
This lad is DIAMOND MAD!
Google Adsense down for 1 hour – Gawker loses $600 GORILLION
Gawker using native advertising to swipe shekels.
Example of native ads:
Concerned customers are sending emails, writing letters, and making calls to Gawker’s sponsors, as detailed here:
Adsense/Doubleclick targeted to choke middleman.
GawkerBlocker add-on developed for Chrome and FF.
Gawker are nasty bullies.
Gawker is being sued because they don’t pay their interns.
Gawker listed fake sponsors, which is fraud.
Gawker just bought $75 million office in NYC.
Gawker supports pedophilia:
NB: This thread is about the consumer revolt/cultural war against Gawker. No e-celeb bullshit plz. No doxing, raids, or shilling either!
Mother Jones under fire after senior editor Benjamin Dreyfuss tweeted that “bodies of white men who hanged themselves should be used as piñatas”.
Outrage compounded in light of Robin Williams’ tragic suicide, consumers petitioning MJ’s sponsors.
Remind abusive posters of good behavior by posting:
>Pls no piñata
SNAIL MAIL MAKES SPONSORS PALE!Screenshot 2014-11-18 02.55.46

Harvard Business Review – Why No One’s Reading Your Marketing Content

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Harvard Business Review, review on Why No One’s Reading Your Marketing Content.

Jayson DeMers has the right formula, forgets to mention it’s a full time job, if you’re not ready to hire a person like him or me to do this work, then its never going to get done.

I’ll repeat, all his suggestions work if you work them.  You can’t pan for gold if you don’t pan for gold, just getting wet is all it takes to pan for gold, but people don’t do it.

I’m frustrated.  I have a client at the moment who does not see the value in twitter and my head nearly exploded.  This was an opportunity to show them the power and teach them that marketing is relationship building, if you’re not willing to make relationships,  you won’t be in any.

Quick, no editing video.

One way I use twitter to market Vegetable Pick, my first game!

This is how I use twitter to Market.  Tell each person how they help you, give them a public thank you.  I call it the “I like” strategy, you focus on what you like, therefore the compliment is genuine. In this case, I’ll giving a Kudos to LinkedIn by displaying them as my link for my public professional profile.  There is a chance, my marketing message might reach intelligent people that realized if we focus on sugar we’ll get sugar results and if we focus on Vegetables we’ll get Vegetable results.  Yes I just typed that.  KISS, Keep it, simple & silly.    The 2nd step to using twitter is to blog you used twitter which is what I’m doing now.  Then when I post here on my wordpress it will post to facebook and to twitter and them more retweets.  Its simple, like going to the gym and over time you’ll lose weight.  Try my game today if you enjoy my logic or recommend it to a friend.
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