1 easy tip to make twitter beautiful

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I’m surprised how many companies and individuals that don’t use a VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY large header image. Here is mine in full resolution to show you. See how much more fun that is. That’s it. Tip for the day from Wayne Lambright, this is my blog. Follow me on https://twitter.com/WayneLambright I’m starting an extreme … [Read more…]

Quit drinking, one year ago.

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Well I quit drinking now a full year.  I’m rich in health and ambition.  I have the Porsche restoration deal, while the deal itself is a disaster, I’ll deliver a 150% ROI for my investors and that’s all that matters.  My investors next group of investors will be much more civilized.   I’m doing the … [Read more…]

Russia Tips The Grand Chess Board

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Under a new category ”Nazis brother Zionism”   Brother Nathanael tells it straight.  Donate to him   America is doomed and Russia is looking to be a massive financial opportunity. Just assume that there is an Illuminati, who wants world populations to be 1 billion not 9 billion and you’ll understand the direction we’re headed.

Get Rich with Fraud, like Flippa.com

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Flippa.com is the best Matt Mickiewizc ‘seems like nice guy’, working fraud system, I have found.  I think Racketeering is going on.  Yes I have an Ax to grind! Racketeering 18 U.S.C. § 1961 : US Code – Section 1961: Definitions As used in this chapter – (1) “racketeering activity” means (A) any act or threat … [Read more…]


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Keshe Discovered how gravity works.  Discovered how to make UFO’s work. Discovered how to make free power. Has 300 patents. Venture Capital People please invest in this guy. Or Invest in me and I’ll manage the investment with Mr. Keshe. Keshe 1 intro and gravity Keshe 2 Matters of the Neutron Keshe 3 Nuclear decay … [Read more…]